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Caler Entered Digits

im setting up a CED script that prompts 1 for x, 2 for y, etc... In the same prompt, I'm asking for extension...

Prompt: "press 1 for accounting, 2 for sales, 3 for support or enter the extension of the party you are trying to reach..."

The extension is 4 digits.

The extension prompt is working, but the other prompts are failing...

Im using Bolean:

If CED == 1

True: Run Script X.

False: if CED == 2

True: Run Scipt y.

False: if CED == 3

True: run Script C

False: transfer to CED...

The 4 digit extension part works, but none of the one-digit prompts work.

Any ideas on where to start troubleshooting.


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Re: Caler Entered Digits

Are you using a Get Digit String to collect the digits? Have you set input length to 4 digits? If so, then if 4 digits are collected the script will goto the Successful branch.

Check if the call is going to the Timeout or Unsuccessful branches when entering one digit.

Then check if you are setting the CED enterprise variable in the script for all the get digit output branches.

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Re: Caler Entered Digits

Great information -

1. I used a Get Digit String node

2. Input was set to 4

3. It was hitting the timeout node

4. The CED variable is set in the enterprise variables.

5. I had the timeout and unsuccessful branches looping back the the main prompt...

To correct this I'm going to add the If statements to the timeout and the unsuccessful branches. Reupload the script.

Anything else I may need to do?

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Re: Caler Entered Digits

I almost have the issue resolved, but I need a little more help.

When I'm using the Get Digit String node (to capture caller entered digits), I have the input set to 4 digits. If a caller enters 1 digit they route to the timeout node. The timeout node has the if statements that should route the caller according to the CED variable. However, it doesn't. Debug indicates that the CED doesn't exist when it gets there.

If the caller enters a 1 followed by the pound sign (termination digit), the call follows the successful node, and routes accordingly.

What do I have to place in the timeout node that will recognize the CED, and route accordingly with the CED.

Thanks Again

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