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Call Center Agent Survey

I have set this up as a Voice Contact Work Flow and for the most part it works great.


When the caller chooses to be surveyed this work flow is enabled and it sends an HTTP Post to the survey vendor.

Question is - contact center does not want the HTTP Post to trigger if the agent transfers the call. Since the call is already answered I believe the UCCX script is done. Is there a way to stop this trigger if the call is transferred?


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 I guess where you have


I guess where you have chosen ANy condition is True, if you can add a Condition for DN = 12345 where you can specify only the DN for where you want to pop up this survey and do not include the Internal Transfer numbers here

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Thanks kbhatia, but I need to

Thanks kbhatia, but I need to stop the action as it occurs from the first agent, once they transfer the system sends the HTTP Post.

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