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Call Consult Transfer - Detect Condition

In a script i've written I'm doing a blind transfer to a voicemail system.  Problem is that there is no ability grab the call back fro the VM system if the user entered an extension that does not exist on the VM system.

I can program the VM system to play an order out or fast busy tone.

Will the Call Consult Transfer step detect these tones ??



Re: Call Consult Transfer - Detect Condition

Hi Kevin

The ICM has no tone detection. And its hard to acheive what you are trying to do.

But can you provide the call flow?

Also, when you want to take the call back, can't you just send call back icm again via transfer from Unity?


- abu

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Re: Call Consult Transfer - Detect Condition

No tone detection ?!? Even if you program outbound calling campaigns?  So for it to detect a busy signal does it rely on a SKINNY message from Call Manager during call setup? 

OK then I'll abandon my plan to try to replace the voice mail prompt message with a busy signal.

And I cannot just send the call back to the script as the script is dynamic based on the number called and there is no way to send the original destination number to the voicemail and have it transfer back with the correct call information.

What I need to do is verify wether the caller entered a legit extension or not.  I don't know how to query UCM for this data so instead I just entered a check to see of the extension entered is "greater than" the highest allocated extension (since we allocate in sequential order).  Its going to be mean more management but what can you do?

Do you know how to do database dips into UCM to verify an entered extension against the UCM database?

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