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Call Consult Transfer - Error

Hi Support Community

I am trying to use a 'Call Consult Transfer' step in my script to an external number but each time it fails and goes down the unsuccesful branch. I decided to rule out making an external call and chnaged the destination to an internal extension, this still fails.

I then decided to check using the same script but replace the step with a 'call redirect' , this works each time whether it be to an internal extension or external number so i think its only when i use the 'call consult transfer' step, and i need this for the timeout.

I have run some traces and can clearly see the failure in the trace but i cannot dtermine what this means so hoping someone will be able to advise :

8804577: Aug 30 15:29:31.551 BST %MIVR-SS_TEL-3-CONSULT_FAILED:Consult failed : All Call ids=CallID:3767 MediaId:5620469/4 Task:30000015798,Extension=3014629, Contact id: 3767, Channel id: 9, can't consult transfer a call in CALL_RECEIVED state,Failure reason=null

Thanks, Carl Ratcliffe


Call Consult Transfer - Error


Stupid question... Are you attempting the call consult transfer BEFORE you accept the call? 


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