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Call Consult transfer to External number

We got a script where in a Call Consult transfer to an external (mobile number) is used.

Even if the number is busy (as shows in the q931 ISDN trace), the Call Consult step Times out and does not use the busy branch.

We also tried it using a SIP trunk with the same result so it seems to be CCM problem.

If you use an internal number it works.

Is busy information not passed on from a gateway through the CCM to the UCCx??

Or is Call Consult to external numbers possible at all?

CCM = 7.1.2

UCCx =7.0(1)SR03_Build011


Re: Call Consult transfer to External number

Have you tried it with a simple call redirect step instead of the consultive transfer?

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Re: Call Consult transfer to External number

Yes, but we need the Call Consult transfer as we also use the Timeout option.There are different things happening if one of the two occurs.

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Re: Call Consult transfer to External number

I'm facing a similar scenario, i'm using the Call Consult Transfer to transfer calls to a mobile line.

But i'm not able to go to the Timeout branch, as i need to transfer to another mobile in case the first mobile didn't answer. What is happening is that Successful branch is executed, then the script terminate, i can't do any control on the call.

Since i have a CM and a Voice Gateway, the UCCX consider the call is successful as soon as the Voice Gateway get a free FXO line and start the dialing... the state of the call is dependent on the voice gateway not on the mobile phone status.

Any ideas...

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Re: Call Consult transfer to External number

I got a TAC open at the moment. Cisco is investigating and found it's a bug.

In our case we have got the problem with both H323toISDN and SIP connections to outside PSTN network.

With SIP we get a "486 busy here" message but the UCCx still goes to timeout branch.

Same with H323 and ISDN. There the "busy" is a submessage in a ISDN Progress message. And that is also not picked up by the CCM.

BTW, we also discovered that this issue was there already in R5.0 of the UCCx. Our is a 7.0

As said; Cisco is working on a patch for the last two weeks. Hopefully will resolve the issue.

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Re: Call Consult transfer to External number

Great, please keep us posted.


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