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Call consult transfer while preserving the CallerID

Hi there,

I am wondering if it's possible to show the callerID of the calling party when using the call consult transfer step. It works fine with the call redirect step but then I loose the option to handle the call in case noone answers (timeout).

Currently the agent sees the CTI ports as the calling party and once it connects, the original callerId is displayed on the phone. The main problem is that all history on the phone (received and placed calls) are from the CTI ports instead of the callerID of the original calling party

Is there any workaround for that?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Call consult transfer while preserving the CallerID

No; this is not how that JTAPI command works. Think of this as doing a transfer from your desk phone. CCX is placing an independent call leg from a free CTI Port to that destination. When they answer, it instructs UCM to bridge the original call ID to the new one. Until that happens, they are separate calls.

Three options to address the limited options with Call Redirect:

1) Turn off Call Forwarding on the destination and set No Answer Ring Duration value as desired. Without a CFNA value set, I believe it will result in reorder at that time which will match the Busy branch of the Call Redirect step.

2) Add additional DNs instead and configure them as explained in option one. This avoids breaking the user's voice mail; provided you have a spare line button.

3) Create a Hunt Pilot/List/Line Group instead and set the Maximum Hunt timer as desired. This will also result in a reorder tone assuming you have not configured a CFNA option on the Hunt Pilot. This again should match the Busy branch of the Call Redirect step.

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