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Call drop when VXML server goes down

Can somebody tell me what should ideally happen in the below given scenario?

We have two media/vxml servers. We have a ACE load balancer which sends calls to these two servers. When the customer call is sent to CVP for self service (VXML application) , if the VXML server is shut down (via the CVP OAMP) , should the call drop ? or survivability kicks in the gateway ?

What we saw is the call is dropped after 2-3 seconds of silence.

We see in the CVP PIM logs that " called party disconnect" event and ends the call. Similarly in the gateway we see the transport down message and discnnects the call. is this correct?

Is there any way to preserve this call and treat it?

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Call drop when VXML server goes down

Hi Shravan,

If you had configured survivability then ideally that call should hit the survivabilty. Normally on the VXML Gateways survivability is not auto configured, we would need to configure accordingly depending on the requirement. If survivability is not configured then the call would disconnect

Additionally, could you please let us know the call flow for the self service in your setup



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