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call fields to be passed from ctos server to ctios client


My customer has got a requirement where he wants the agent to get the status of the agents in there skill group at there ctios.Basically they dont want to go with dash board just that the agents should get the status on there ctios about the agents ready,not ready etc etc status on there console.We are trying to achieve this but the values is not being passed from the ctios server to the client.WE have a customized soft phones and the developer is saying that there is no values being passed.Is there any registry tweak which needs to be done?

Cisco Employee

Re: call fields to be passed from ctos server to ctios client

Hi Ganesh,

your customer wants to provide supervisor dashboard ability to all agents, if I understood you right.

You need to tell him it will consume a huge amount of bandwidth since all agents will need to monitor eachother, there are dashboards for this reason.

If he insists and claims the bandwidth is not an issue you could try to define a CTI Monitor mode application to monitor the agents transition.

The issue is the amount of requests you will poll the CTIOS Server with, which could be quite big.

I would recommend a subscription to Cisco Dev Support Services for this and similar questions.



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