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Call not being transferred to CAD

Hi all,

I have a ucce environment with CVP and CAD.

In order to test the Cisco Agent Desktop I have created a very simple ICM script that routes a call directly to an available agent in a Skill Group called 

"Income_SG" without passing by CVP. Everything went well, the call has been transferred to CAD and the agent's phone rang.

When I tried to add CVP the loop, the call was not being trasnferred to CAD.

Does someone have any idea what could be the problem.

I have attached both screenshots, with and without CVP.

Your help is highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance


Hi,  most probabaly i see



most probabaly i see problem as


1. Agent targeting rule/Device target

have you configured rule for CVP routing client for CUCM peripheral

2. CVP static routes

have you added static routes in CVP to connect call to agent?


please share Router, CVP PG, And CVP call server logs and we can find the culprit.




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Hi Chintan,Thank you for your

Hi Chintan,

Thank you for your response.

Actually, in Configuration Manager I have added device targets for all the agents' extensions but the following error appears in Router Log Viewer: " Attempted to send call to agent Agent_Income1 (ID 5018) on Peripheral UCM_PIM (ID 5000) who has no device target."

Agent_Income1 is logged in with extension 1101 which has a device target configured in configuration Manager.

I'm not able to figure out where does the ID 5018 come from, the ID of this agent in Configuration Manager is "47483652"

try using Agent targetting

try using Agent targetting rule, creaing device target for individual device is hectic and sometime doesnt configures poperly.


use agent targeting rule, they will be under tool --> list tools --> agent targeting rule


you have to select agent peripheral, and routing client to to which label will be sent

and the range of Agent extension. thats it, Damn easy. 

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Thank you chintan.The problem

Thank you chintan.

The problem is solved.

Best Regards,


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