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Call Progress Analysis on ICM 6.0 (outbound option)

I have ICM 6.0 with QManager 3.5.

I have a few dialer campaigns and I want to be able to detect a call answered by an answering machine.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding call progress analysis but can I use this for answering machine detection?

How does the Call Progress Analysis work?

I'm reading the user and admin guides and is not very clear.

how turn it on? I don't have an option for CPA on my campaigns' settings but I do have a "Enable IP AMD" (AMD = Answering Machine Detection) and this is "on" on all my campaigns.

What happens when this is on? Is there a call variable that passes this result into the ICM script attached to the campaign? if so, which variable is it or what result code is passed?

Please don't reply with the link to the user or admin guides as I have those already.


Re: Call Progress Analysis on ICM 6.0 (outbound option)

Call Progress Analysis (CPA) uses a combination of call signaling and media stream analysis to differentiate different types of calls.

Fax/modem detection looks for specific tones in the media stream.

Voice detection looks for alternate voice and silence patterns in the media stream after the call has been connected.

Answering Machine Detection (AMD) uses media stream analysis to look for a longer voice stream with minimal silence periods. (An option is available that searches for terminating tone detection.)

Operator Intercept relies on call signalling network identification. It does not analyze the media stream looking for specific tri-tones.

Call Progress Analysis (CPA) enables the Outbound Option Dialer to detect answering machines, faxes/modems, and answering machine terminating tones.

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