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Call Redirect and the Get Contact Info steps Question


Question #1:

I have a script that redirects a contact to a remote destination. If I then use the Get Contact Info step to monitor the value of the Active Attribute it is always FALSE although the contact is still active. It seems that with the redirect step you lose the ability to check attribute values. Can someone confirm this? My goal is to loop until this attribute reports FALSE so that I can perform certain actions based on values of ECC variables after an agent call has completed.


This poses another question. What is the best way to obtain input from an agent either during a call or after a call. Currently, I am passing ECC variables to the agent with the ability to make changes. During the call this is possible but as soon as the call ends, this is not possible.



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Re: Call Redirect and the Get Contact Info steps Question

For question one: Confirmed. A Call Redirect step instructs UCM to transfer the call to the remote destination. UCCX then releases the call to the switch assuming it is successful. After that happens UCCX is no longer involved in the call at all.

UCCX does not support remote agents connected through a PSTN destionation directly. You will need to look at 3rd-party add-on products such as Radianta's Remote Agent software:

For question two: I believe an agent can modify the ECC variables in CAD as long as the call is active or they are in a Work state for that call. Once they return to a Ready/Not Ready state, that call record is closed.

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