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Call Redirect UCCX Script

Hello All,

I have a UCCX 7.0.1sr5 system. I have a situation where a caller from the PSTN calls into an application, during certain times of the day the application will do a "Call Redirect" to a second application, the second application is also set to forward calls during certain times to a third application where the call lands at an agents desktop.  The problem is when we have a call transver 3 applications the agents ends up seeing two lines for the call, one looks normal, but the top entry is a yellow triangle (what does this triangle mean?). When the agent hangs up the call the CAD hangs and doesn't allow the agent to qualify the call and the agent doesn't get their wrap up time.  That call remains even if the agent gets another call too.

A copule of things to note.

If I call into each application the problem doesn't happen, it only happens when a call goes across multiple applications. 

We are leveraging the "Call Redirect" step to transfer the call between applications, however the only thing I see inside the script that could be the problem is we aren't qualifying the successful branch with a "Set Contact Info as handled" and "END".  Could this be causing our issue?

We typically qualify our Call redirects within a queue.  Does qualifiing need to happen on ALL "Call Redirect" steps?

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Call Redirect UCCX Script

Are you redirecting to triggers, or to translation patterns?

Do you have a delay step in your scripts, prior to the accept step?

Because of the nature of your call flow, CAD will show each JTAPI trigger hit by the user, followed by the Agent they are currently speaking to.  Think of this like a breadcrumb trail of where they have been.  Each step along the way, the time spent on a JTAPI triggered application, is counted as total time for the call.  And because the default Enterprise thresholds are set kind of low, you are seeing the warnings.  The timers can be adjusted within Cisco Desktop Administrator on a per Workflow Group basis.

You do not want to mark the contact as handled too early, as you cannot remark the contact later.  Because the Agents might, or might not handle the contact, an earlier marking will hide this fact within the reporting.  But then again, you marking the contact as handled should not cause the call to hang when disconnected.

Anthony Holloway

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Anthony Holloway

Please use the star ratings to help drive great content to the top of searches.