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Call routing based on call priority - UCCE

Question 1:

Is there a way to prioritize calls.

For example following is the order in which calls arrive in a call centre

1 -> technical support call

2 -> customer care call

3 -> technical support call

Is there a way to send the technical support calls (1, 3) to an agent first before the customer care call goes to an agent.

What kind of scripting needs to be done on the Script Editor to meet the above scenario. 

Question 2:

Is assigning priority at the SKill group level or Agent level for a Queue is recommended by Cisco ? If Yes how can this be done?


Call routing based on call priority - UCCE

1. Yes, either assign a higher priority (lower number) to the technical support skill group, or use a priority node after you queue the call.  The default priority of a queue to skill group node is 5, I would move it up to 4.

2. Yes to skill group, not sure what you mean by agent level?  You really can't make agent's have more priority than other agents in a skill group, all agents in a skill group are treated the same.


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