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call subflow - developing remotely

Hi Pros,

Client is using IPCC Express Premium, and is requesting that we develop a new self-service piece remotely. I only have VPN access, no IP phone. So to test, I will have to dial from an outside phone to their main number. I'm trying to determine what is the best way to test the script.

My plan is to make a small change to their live IVR, so when a secret sequence of digits are entered from the menu, it will execute a call subflow which calls my test script.

If my test script has bugs, will that affect the live IVR script? I suppose instead of a call subflow, I can forward the call the another RP, and then associate the test script application with that RP. Any suggestions?

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Re: call subflow - developing remotely

you should use IP Communicator as your ip phone. (downloadable from CCO with login/software contract)

(see link of IPC here:

it's a softphone that you can run on your PC and connect to CCM over the VPN.

you can very easily seutp a new RP/DN & callType and schedule the script with a this test callType.

using your IP communicator with the test script should not interfere with your productions scripts.

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Re: call subflow - developing remotely

If the subflow has a bug it will afect only the calls that were routed to it, so in your case if there is a secret sequence to get to it, unless caller hits it you will not have an issue. Associating with differet RP will work as well, but then you are not testing the subflaw step and you will not be able to pass variables between the scripts if that is what you are doing. I guess it comes down to what is the subflow doing?


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