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Call transfer across sites


Site1: (Florida)

Voice gw, CM Pub and Sub1, agents, CVP1, RoggerA, VRU PG, Agent PG. Agent ipphones register with Florida/Virginia CM cluster.

Site 2: (Virginia)

CM Sub2, CVP2,  Rogger B, VRU PG, Agent PG

Site 3: (UK)

Separate CM cluster, CVP, Agent PG, VRU PG (These PGs talk to Rogger A and Rogger B of Site1/2).

Site 4: (India)

Voice gw, Agents. Agents register with UK CM cluster.


We have calls coming at Site1 routed to CVP and handled by agents at Site1, requirement is after office hours once customer selects the option to talk to agent in CVP.then call should be routed to agents at Site 4 from Site 1. How can this be achieved ??


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Re: Call transfer across sites

I am sure somebody could answer this better than I but in essence the transfer is just a phone call right?  You could point it to any DN that you want.  From that point of view once the caller chooses to talk to somebody it just de-queues the call and transfers out.

I feel I am missing something though.  Let me know.

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Re: Call transfer across sites

you must have Adminusrative script to check if you are In or Out of office hours and two routng scripts ;one for during office  hours --site 1-and the other after office hours-site 4-  ,according to the status you go to one of the routing scripts ; site 1 R script has label assigned with site 1 CVP and site 4 R script has labels assignd with site 4 CVP.


Re: Call transfer across sites

I believe we have already traded posts. Good to see that second subscriber on side B.

If I recall correctly, this is CVP with SIP. Yes?

Obviously, with two separate clusters you need to have a global dial plan.

Agents in India, agents in the UK, and agents in the USA must all have nicely defined patterns for their call center extension numbers to allow the SIP static routes to be set up correctly. If you had an agent in the US with CC extension 6201 and an agent in India on the other cluster with CC extension 6201, even with separate skill groups and admin variables, you would not be able to configure the static routes in CUPS to send the label to the correct Subscriber.

For International dialing plans I recommend an 8 or 9 digit dial plan. For example: 76xxx.

Country code as 3 digits: In the US, 100, in the UK 440, in India 910. The reason for three digits is you may have to deal one day with agents in countries like Ireland (+353), so best to have flexibility. Translation rules on CUCM should be configured so a user only needs to use 4 digit dialing. The leading "7" was something Cisco recommended - and it's a good idea.

Now a static route like 7440* for agents in the UK, 7910* for India (both routes pointing to your UK cluster) and 7100* for US agents (on your US cluster) can keep everything all nice and tidy. If you don't think carefully here, you can mess up.

You have to deal with a number of other issues when a call queued under CVP on a gwy in Florida is to be handed to an agent in India using a CTI desktop pointing at a server in the UK and an IP phone registered to a CUCM in the UK.

How is the network QoS? What latency figures do you have? What testing have you performed? What desktop are you using?

Have you submitted this design to the Cisco A2Q team?



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