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Calling CVP Studio application from outbound agent based campaign routing script.

Hi Gurus,

I need to call a CVP application from an ICM script associated with Agent based outbound campaign. But it looks like for the agent based campaign it does not like “Send to VRU” node. (I have created Type 10 network VRU with CUCM and CVP labels.).

Can you please let me know how to make a CVP application call from ICM script for agent based campaign and also  share any screenshots of ICM script if possible?

I got it to work if I change the campaign to “IVR based campaign”. But in that case the customer would hear the a call (phone rings) going to agent which is not acceptable to the client.

Any thoughts ?

Thanks !!


Hi, what is the Type of



what is the Type of Dialer? SCCP or SIP?




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Hi Chintan,It is a SIP dialer

Hi Chintan,

It is a SIP dialer.

as far as i understood, in

as far as i understood, in agent based campaign for agent reservation script you are trying to send call to VRU. but why?

you can use campaign configuration, where when no agent is available send call to IVR DN under skill group configuration tab of dialer. also if you have concern over customer hear ringing, you can enable auto answer for the agents or in most advance condition you send dialer calls to specific CVP, and for that CVP configure unique Ringtone label,and for that label gateways should play something else instead of ringtone wav file(this just a way , but i would not recomend to do this).

in agent based campaign, when caller tries to reserve agent, it expects agent label to come as response. i really don't know what happens if it gets VRU label instead.




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Thanks for the reply Chintan.

Thanks for the reply Chintan..

My requirement at high level is -

Dialer should call the customer and when customer picks up the call, they should have agent available on the other end.

The 2nd tricky requirement is when agent gets connected to this call, he/she must see certain data in peripheral variables. Now this data is being pulled by a CVP studio application hence I need to make a CVP studio call before call is connected to agent.

whether its "Agent based" or "IVR based" campaign.. it doesnt matter as long as agent gets to see the data in PVs and customer doesn't have to wait for agent to be connected.

hope that explains my requirement better..



Hi,When you want to call the


When you want to call the CVP application to call? It will help me to understand the callflow.


This is the call flow for SIP dialer let me know  when you want to call the CVP application.

1 .When the Dialer identifies an available agent for use in an outbound campaign,
it sends a route request to  Router. The Unified CCE Router executes a routing script, selects an available agent, reserves that agent, and then returns a routing label (phone extension) identifying the reserved agent.
2. The Dialer then places a reservation phone call to the agent's phone extension. The Dialer auto-answers the reservation call for the agent using the CTI Server and then places that reservation call on hold.
3. Then Dialer initiates the customer call using Unified CM and voice gateway.
When a live answer is detected, the Dialer immediately initiates a
transfer of the call (along with call context for screen pop) to the next reserved agent extension from then list maintained by the Dialer. 
The Dialer auto-answers the transferred call for the agent via the CTI Server, so that the voice path between the customer and the agent can be quickly established.

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Thanks for the reply..I need

Thanks for the reply..

I need a CVP call probably before step 2 above.. basically agents are using B&S desktop and when agent sees the call, they need to see certain data in PVs. this data is being pulled from customer's CRM by a CVP application. So this CVP application call needs to happen before call is connected to agent.




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Any inputs ???I am still

Any inputs ???

I am still struggling to call a CVP studio application from a ICM routing script for agent based OB campaign..

I thought it should be common requirements for most of the clients that their agents need to see some information in PVs coming from CVP studio application before they take an outbound call but apparently it is not possible...  and I can't really use IVR based campaign because I want to make sure that agent is ready/available and can view customer info in PVs before a call is placed to customer..

Any one knows how to address this requirement ???

any inputs would be appreciated..


Thanks !!!


i am still scratching my head

i am still scratching my head for this. i must have to try something in my lab.

is these data is something that you can pull from DBlook up in ICM, or writing application gateway?




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DB lookup is certainly not

DB lookup is certainly not possible.

The data comes from customer's back-end systems by means of a web service exposed by customer. Not sure  if app gateway is an option here. but I guess I will have to research on that option if CVP studio application is not going to work..

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