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Calling from a call center line

Greetings all,

We are currently replacing an Avaya system that allows the following:

Users have a single line call center. They make calls from them as well as receive call center calls from them

Here is the current script (only the pieces that a pertinent to this discussion are here)

1) call comes into CSQ. The script checks to ensure people are signed into the system to be able to take the call (cisco equiv of being logged in)

2) if it finds someone in a ready state, it sends the call to them

3) if no one is ready, the script then checks to see if people are on the phone talking

4) If users are on the phone (talking state), and no one is ready, the call queues

5) if users are not on the phone (talking state), and no one is ready, it immediately gets sent to a backup hunt or operator (so customers aren't sitting in a queue that will never get answered)

Here is a scenario that can exist. I am simplifying this down to having only one user in the CSQ

1) User is logged in and makes a call out on their line

2) call comes into csq

3) script looks and sees they are logged in and on the phone, so queues the call

If a call comes into the csq and that person answers it, we see the status is reserved while ringing, then talking while on the phone.

if a call is made out of the call center line, it shows up as not ready. (shows up on CAD, Supervisor app, and also within Get Reporting Statistic as Not Ready)

On the supervisor application, it says not ready with the reason code of "off hook"

Is there any way to accomplish this? It would be really nice to roll out what they have today. Otherwise, we're going to take a lot of grief :(



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Re: Calling from a call center line

Another way of saying this is...

how do you ensure that you aren't queuing calls for a csq that has no one available.

If everyone is not ready, then the call should never get queued and then go to whatever your backup plan is...such as a backup hunt group or operator.

The problem is, if all the agents except one is gone and not ready, and that one agent is on an outbound call...the queue shows EVERYONE as not ready. This is true even if they made the call with the CAD dialpad or address book.

We have a lot of small call centers spread throughout the company, so this could be a reality for us :(

Just really hate queuing a call when no one is available to answer the call, and hate going to a backup plan just because that person made an outbound call.



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