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Calling SAP CRM application from CAD (UCCX,UCCE) embedded browser

Hi All,

I need to work with SAP system at one of my projects. The thing is some of the items which are asked for by my customer are not supported by CRM SAP Connector. So I like to use CAD screens and SAP application in its embedded brpwser. I have found some similar cases with Siebel and CAD but I havent found any case with SAP.

My question is; Is this possible? Is there any document releated this integration? Or what is the best practice when it's not possible to use CRM SAP Connector if we need to work with SAP?


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Re: Calling SAP CRM application from CAD (UCCX,UCCE) embedded br


I could not understand your question fully but CAD browser integration is pretty cool.  I recently integrated a non standard app. You may want to look into the work flow for CAD this will allow you to pop up and pass in info as you desire at a particualr telephony event.  Its slightly different for UCCX and UCCE you may want to specify what is your environmen as well.

Here is link for admin guide look on page 61

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Re: Calling SAP CRM application from CAD (UCCX,UCCE) embedded br

Thanks for the reply Baseer,

The thing is I have made some integrations with CAD browser. I have problem with the SAP side. Because you know to integrate an application with CAD the application must be able to get parameters over HTTP. I dont know the SAP side as I said. So I need some information from who has field experience with that.

Thank you and regards.

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Re: Calling SAP CRM application from CAD (UCCX,UCCE) embedded br

Did you ever get anywhere with this?

Does anyone know if we can utilize the Integrated Browser and Post/Get the URLs into the SAP Browser applicaiton and say, successfully pop an account page. I know it sounds simple enough but apparently SAP doesnt like that.

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