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CallResult Fields in Dialing List Table


Our customer is running outbound and giving a look to the Dialing List table we can see some "closed" contact with CallResult equal to 2 or 25.

In documentation I can see that 2 means "Error condition while dialing" and 25 means "Contacts flushed by the Dialer".

Does anyone get the same results and can explain, with examples, which could be the error condition while dialing and why the dialer flushes some contacts?


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Re: CallResult Fields in Dialing List Table

CallResult 25, "Contacts flushed by the Dialer": it' seems that Dialer flushes some records every(?) time we change dialing parameters of campaign.

You can try my theory by doing following:

1) I set campaign A ready for dialing, parameters for example max attempts=5, max lines=1.10, no answer delay = 180 minutes and so on...

2) then I set from Skill Group selection tab "records to cache" 25

3) then I import 100 rows to the empty campaign A

4) after agents working some minutes I decide to change dialing parameters, for example no answer delay to 90min

5) oops.. then I see that 25 records had received status Closed(!) and CallResult=25

So I have tried to avoid changing dialing parameters if lists are small - or keeping "Skill Group cache" very small, below 5. I don't know why system behaves like this. Maybe this is just normal?

Sometimes I've changed CallStatus back to R by using SQL query so that those records will come again available..

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Re: CallResult Fields in Dialing List Table

Thank for your post.

I'll execute some test in order to verify this behavior also on my servers...


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Re: CallResult Fields in Dialing List Table

Are you both using the Dialer for 7.0 or 7.2+? I'm curious to know if this affects the 7.2+ dialer. Since 7.2+, I'm tracking call status and call result values in the HDS - Dialer Detail table. I'd like to know a scenario that would crete a FLUSHED record in the 7.2+ Dialer.



Cisco Employee

Re: CallResult Fields in Dialing List Table

Hi all,

A dialer will do a flush of the dialing list when there is a change made to the admin

script, or the dialer configuration. This can include the following:

Changing Admin script from inbound to outbound.

Changing Admin Script to different skillgroup.

Changing dialing mode.

No agent available in the relevant skillgroup

So, bottom line is that some sort of change was made to cause the dialer to flush.

Further more per design, every midnight the dialer will do a flush.

Only the pending records will be

written to the database.

So the next day, the dailer will dial those pending numbers


Relevant bugs:






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