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CallRoute request from routing client CVP_PB_CVP with unknown DN 4424xxxx


With the error message it is quiet easy for any one to verify for the DN in ICM ...... (This is the existing prod n/w)


In my case , all our CVP RC is configured with similar configuration but its only one cvp RC where we get this message .


ie: out of 4 CVP RC , we get the error message for only for one specific RC where the DN is still found to be configured.. I have verified for the DN in ICM ....... as i said all config is same across CVP RC .

Background : G/W (does translation for incoming DN range) ---->CVP--->RGR

This is making me interesting issue........ before i could start further checks tomorrow , curious to clarify if this is normal / anyone seen this ???  where should i start troubleshooting ...(cvp pim log for sure ) what should be checked next please.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi - Just to make sure please

Hi - Just to make sure please check DNIS lenght for CVP which you getting this error.

Checked the CVP logs where you can find ANI and DNIS

Check PIM logs and RTR logs, If possible please enable debug in PIM and RTR and update the logs.

Delete the DN for that CVP_RC and add it again.

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siva , thanks for the

siva , thanks for the info

going through the logs.


DNIS length cannot differ for one DN alone in the entire system.... let me see where will i get into.

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Please update if you find any

Please update if you find any solution..

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  We saw some intermitent



We saw some intermitent timeout from this PIM .......abnormal call ending & timeout messages 

TAC is hinting us to apply some patches ...... will have to see for final advice.

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