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Calls Dequeuing & Abandoned Stats

Hi Peeps, I'm fairly new to the world of IPCC and to that end need a little help...

Recent install of a new IPCC (Enhanced 5.0(2)) and CallManager 6.0 which I'm now currently supporting.

We have configured a couple of CSQ's to back each other up by dequeuing the call and offering to a secondary CSQ. But, we're noticing weird behaviour in our call stats for these two CSQ's. When a call is abandoned after going through both CSQ's the Call Abandoned stat for both will increment by 1. Is this normal behaviour as the call has been offered to both? Also, when a call has gone from one CSQ to the other the call Handled stat will also increment as it passes through each in turn. This is confusing by myself and the Supervisor.

Any explanation for the above behaviour?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Calls Dequeuing & Abandoned Stats

Well of course its going to increment reporting for both queue's you sent it to both Queue's. This is working as expected.



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Re: Calls Dequeuing & Abandoned Stats

Hi chadstachowich,

Sorry to bother you. I am slightly new to IPCCX and has following question for Application performance statistics reports:

My IPCCX customer is a school with various training courses, where the customer can get most of the courses information from IVR.Only when he needs to talk to agent he will press '0'.

I have noted every time the customer finishes course information gathering from IVR and hangs up the call(which is the normal procedure), it shows as abandoned in the application performance report?

Is that correct....Should not this be handled or something meaningful, because he already got his job done.

Is this the normal behaviour,, or I need to configure something for handled?

I just read FAQ for historical guide from cisco(a .pdf doc from cisco web site).

which mentions "The IVR Application Performance Analysis Report

includes abandoned ICD calls and abandoned IVR calls. (This report counts a call as abandoned if the call ends before it is answered by an agent or before it is marked as handled by a workflow.)"

Can somebody suggest what do I need to do?To me every call coming to IVR and then hung up by customer after gathering info.. should not be "abandoned".

Can you suggest if I am doing a mistake in IVR Scripting?

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Re: Calls Dequeuing & Abandoned Stats

Hi Raj,

In IPCCX, an incoming call is considered handled if it was succesfully connected to an agent or if it was marked as "Handled" in the script.

So, in your case, you have to mark the call as Handled in the script by using the "Set Contact Info" step/node after the call has reached that specific IVR branch.


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Re: Calls Dequeuing & Abandoned Stats



Just one question.

I have IPCCX6.0(prem version), with default reports.

I want to know the hourly breakup of calls presented,handled,abandoned to the call centre(IVR+CSQ). which report I can use?

I can see the application performance report as one report which gives picture of full call centre, but it doesn't show breakup be interval.

Is there any other report available?

Any other alternate?

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