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calls error shoot up high

In our ICM 7.x setup, we found that calls error count in webview has reached upto 25 % of total calls. In router log viewer, found one error as "No free routes to send call to translation route All 15 in use.
Script Default(ID 5004) failed to produce route for dialed number with call type (ID 5000)"

what colud be most probable reason?

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Re: calls error shoot up high


I'm guessing that you use IP IVR with ICM 7.x.

I would say that error message is quite self explanatory - "No free routes to send call to translation route All 15 in use." This actually could mean two things - all IVR ports are really in use or you have too little number of IVR triggers. I encountered this same message some years back and had to create additional IVR triggers to get rid of this error.

Hope this helps.



Re: calls error shoot up high

Where do the trans routes fit in?

Are you taking the calls in on a CUCM dialed number that starts a script and then does a translation route to IP IVR? You say ICM and not IPCC. Is the trans route from a network IVR to a different peripheral?

Do you have two IP IVRs, and check that the peripheral is on-line before trans routing to that IP IVR?

Do you have 15 CTI Ports in the trans route pool on each IP IVR?

Are you load balancing across the two IP IVRs? Do you have enough route points to handle the pool? What are your numbers here? I take no chances and make the number of route points feeding the pool as big as the pool.

Has there been an increase in the number of incoming calls over time, since the original design was done? It appears from that message that you are exceeding the capacity of the system to disperse the incoming calls across the trans routes - either all the ports are in use or all the route points are in use when a new call arrives.

We would need some more details.



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