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Calls experiencing long delay during Send Email step of script

This may be something very easy to circumvent, but I'm hitting a wall trying to figure it out.  I'm trying to send an email when voice mails are left however a long dead air delay is experienced by the caller.  Reactive script debugging shows the call is get caught up in the Send eMail step until the email is actually sent, causing a long delay for the caller. 

I do see this in the help file:

"When a script reaches the Send eMail step, it immediately sends the e-mail message to the e-mail server, and keeps the client waiting until the message is accepted by the e-mail server"

Is there a way around this?


The option to queue the email looks promising, but is grayed out.


Thanks in advance to any and all contributors!



I've never had such problem

I've never had such problem with the send email step. Maybe troubleshoot it from the email server side, is there any network latency between the two, is the mail server doing any processing on the email which delays sending the email?




Hi Thomas-I have run into the

Hi Thomas-

I have run into the same issue.  The root cause of mine was an incorrect email server listed in the email subsystem configuration.  After that was corrected everything worked as intended. 

I have never seen the 'queued' option as anything other than grayed out.  I took a look through all of the Step Reference guides dating back to CRS 3.0 and it states "The only supported option is to send the e-mail immediately.", but the option didn't appear to be completely grayed out.  This is also the case in 3.1 and 3.5.  Starting in 4.0(1) that line is removed from the guide, but still shows the radio button as grayed out and this remains the case in each version up to the latest 10.0(1) Step Reference Guide.  I am not sure that the 'queued' option has ever really been available.  It would be nice if someone from Cisco could chime in, but I would guess the option is just a relic that has never been cleaned up.



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