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Calls not able to connect to an agent

I am using IPCC 7.5 with CVP 7.0(2) , i am using static sip routes on CVP . For call routing . here is the call flow ...

    CUCCE Pilot Number                       Caller dials 4082024001 from PSTN
     Processing at Ingress GW                Ingress gateway sends this call to CVP Call Server
     Processing at CVP                          CVP will send the call to ICM  as a new route request

     Routing Client                                  CVP is the routing client

     Label Returned to CVP by CUICM      2222222222+cid

     Processing at CVP                           CVP Call Server sends this label 2222222222+cid to VXML-GW

     Processing at VXML-GW                  VXML-GW has an incoming dial-peer configured that invokes the bootstrap tcl service. Now a sequence of VXML communications happen between the VXML GW and CVP IVR Service
                                                           This communication happens via MicroAppas.

     Processing at CVP                          At this point CVP sends the same label 2222222222+cid to ICM

     Processing at CUICM                      If agent is available then CUICM sends a new label which is basically the Agent’s IP Phone extension to CVP

     Processing at CVP                         CVP has a static SIP route configured that would send call to agent’s ip phone i.e to CUCM

i am able to see the sip invite message send to the CUCM from CVP , but the call is not able to connect to the Agent's IP Phone . Agent is logged  in a skill Group and is in reasd State

Can some body help on this


Re: Calls not able to connect to an agent

Your configuration is using SIP.sigdigits (value=3). You should have mentioned that. It adds a lot of complexity.

When the label is sent up the SIP trunk from CUCM to CVP, you need to configure it to work with significant digits (counting from the right).

We can see the invite to 10140002, and 101 is your sigdigits. Your extension is 40002.

Make sure you configure the trunk with 5 significant digits or it won't find the phone.



New Member

Re: Calls not able to connect to an agent

jeff , i think the digits going to cucm is 10140002 and i should have significant digits five or translation pattern to convert 10140002 to 40002 . i have done both ways , But no success


Re: Calls not able to connect to an agent

The other thing you have is SRV configuration. We can see this in the INVITE

Is your subscriber?

It sends the INVITE To: <>;transport=udp>, gets the TRYING and then gets 503 Service Unavailable.

Clearly something is wrong with CUCMs ability to locate the end point.



New Member

Re: Calls not able to connect to an agent

Yes is subscriber.There is INVITE To: <> from CVP to CUCM

In CUCM entperise paramter do  we have use Cluster Fully Qualified Domain Name like -  *

In ccm trace i am getting   INVITE REJECTED WITH 503 - Service Unavailable Warning: 399 "Routing failed: ccbid=11 socket="

Not getting any idea , where i am going wrong ....




Re: Calls not able to connect to an agent

I have not used SRV records to find a Call Manager - what's the point if there is only 1 sub? What is your aim for SRV? Why don't you have a CUPS?

But I have used SRV records to locate a CUPS, and you certainly have to set the cluster name to match the SRV. So it's possible something similar is required.

Why don't you turn off SRVs for a bit, configure a route for 1014> directly to the IP address of your sub, and then test it?

Are you working in your lab? Did you jump straight into SIP.sigdigits and SRV, or have you started with more basic configs and gotten those to work, and now you are working with a more exotic configuration.

By the way, you are going to need static routes 10191919191 (ringback) and 10192929292 (CVP error).

Can you describe what you are setting up?



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