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Calls Stuck in Queue

IPCC Express, occasionaly calls are getting stuck in queue. Seems the only way to get it out is to reboot server.  Has anyone else seen this?  It seems to only happen on one particular queue.

Version 7.01 SR5  UCCX

Version 7.1.3 Call Manager

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Re: Calls Stuck in Queue

I am experiencing the same issue today. Version 7.01 SR3  UCCX / Version 7.1.2 Call Manager. I ran a contacts report from th real-time reporting tool and notices an active session between a CTI port and a phone device lasting over 9 hours. (The agent is long gone). I tried to reset the CTI port and phone but the session persists. I wish I knew of a way to manually release/kill a session other than rebooting the whole server.


Re: Calls Stuck in Queue


In UCCX 7.x the ability to clear stuck calls in the system without requiring a restart of the engine was added. Please check under 'Clear Contact Menu Option' in the Admin guide:

Hope that helps!


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Re: Calls Stuck in Queue

Thanks. I was able to clear the 9 hour session, however I have a call in the hold queue for 3 hours with agents available. I tried to clear that one , but received "unable to clear Contact, Try again later." msg. ( I tried using both the overall and CSQ stats screens) Incidentally that call in queue shows on the CSQ Waiting Contacts info screen with a queue position of -1.


Re: Calls Stuck in Queue

That's weird to have a negative value. Do you have outbound campaign by any chance? I think there are a couple of defect when a outbound call is disconnect, the working_resources counter is sometimes decremented below 0.


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Re: Calls Stuck in Queue

I'm currently encountering the same issue:

IPCCX 7.0(1)SR05_Build504

CUCM 7.1.3

Call stuck in one queue for over 24 hours, position in queue is -1.

I am able to clear any other call with the "Clear Contact" option, however receive the "Unable to Clear Contact" message for this call.

This contact doesn't show up on the main "Contacts" page, only on the CSQ Stats as CSQ Waiting Contact.

In response to your question Pablo, I don't have any outgoing campaigns.

Any suggestions?


I've also attached the MIVR logs for the particular contact when it called in.

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Re: Calls Stuck in Queue

FYI if anyone is still running into this issue:

After some interactions with TAC, it looks like I'm hitting the following bug, and the only work around is a restart of the CCX Engine or Node Manager, which was how I've been resolving it in the past.

Looks like its time to get the change managment folks looking at my plan for 8.X upgrade.


Bug ID: CSCth10245

UCCX: Cannot clear inactive call from AppAdmin Real Time Reports


When attempting to clear a call stuck in queue in AppAdmin Real Time Reports, the following message is received:

Unable to clear contact

Please try again later...


This occurs when the contact is inactive due to events not being processed correctly during a transfer scenario.


Restart the UCCX Engine or Node Manager




3 - moderate

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Jul 07,2011


Cisco Unified Contact Center Express





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8.5(0.95000.20), 8.0(2.11002.2), 8.0(2.20000.1)

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Re: Calls Stuck in Queue

and still happens in 10.6.1!!!

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