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CallsAnswered vs CallsHandled

As I understand it, CallsHandled increments after wrapup. What I can't figure out is under which circumstances would a call not have a wrapup period. Shouldn't CallsAnswered equal CallsHandled? The only exception I can think of is if Finesse crashed during a call or maybe if an agent closes the browser. Any other ideas?


edit: Voice only and it's not about interval boundaries.


Will,Is this mismatch under


Is this mismatch under the Call Type or the Skill Group? I remember reading about a bug a couple months ago where Skill Group CallsAnswered can increment in certain transfer scenarios... for example:

  1. Agent receives call
  2. CallsAnswered incremented in Skill and Call Type
  3. Agent transfers call (I don't recall what specific transfer scenario was in the bug)
  4. CallsAnswered incremented in Skill
  5. Agent completes wrapup
  6. CallsHandled incremented in Skill and Call Type

What software versions are you using?



I'm specifically looking at a

I'm specifically looking at a couple of reports using the call-type skill group historical definition. Not sure whether this is relevant, but in case...the report and customized definition were created in and exported from UCCE 9.1.1 and imported into PCCE 9.1.1. I remember reading about a similar-sounding bug for 8.5 and below iirc, but don't remember exactly.

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