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Can HA clusters keep serving callers during upgrades?

We have a customer with a high-availability UCCX 5 cluster looking to upgrade to UCCX 7. Can we have the second node serve calls (CRS Engine, CAD/CSD clients) while doing the upgrade on the first node, and fail back and operate normally on the first node while upgrading the second? Obviously we'll have to upgrade the CAD/CSD clients before they'll operate on the upgraded servers. There are some warnings in the documentation about making sure all CAD/CSD clients are closed before starting the upgrade, but only for the single node cluster procedure, and there are other documentation bits that hint to continuous operations being possible on HA clusters. Our customer has multiple 24x7x365 queues. We've offered to do some temporary line-groups during the upgrade but we do want to keep their normal operations going as much as we can.

I've found documentation that hints both ways but nothing that gives a straight answer as to what's supported. I went to TAC for an answer, but the guy I got is giving me his own guesses instead of going to the BU for real answers. I also posed the question to ask-icd-ivr-pm but haven't heard anything back yet.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Can HA clusters keep serving callers during upgrades?

Hi I am in the same situation as you last year I have to upgrade an UCCX 5.0 HA to UCCX 7.0 HA but the documentation is not clear about the possibitity to run the Upgrade on the first node and if there is still call activity possible on the second node. So what was your experience when you did that upgrade?

Thanks in advance


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