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Can UCCX integrate with any Middleware??

Hello Frnds,

I have a question came up.

My customer has Temenos banking solution and they want to integrate crm of the banking solution with UCCX(they understand that we cannot do any CTI development in UCCX).

Now they already have database and they have to build IVR system using UCCX(like reading the database, updating and deleting tables which we can very well do using queries), however according to temenos guys, they cannot give us direct access to there tables/db due to security issues.

They can only give us information on some middleware, Now i havent seen or worked on such kind of deployments, so not sure if this will work or not.

Can our UCCX integrate with IBX - Websphere - MQ Series middleware?

This issue has become bottleneck for our progress.

Experts needs your say on this.

Many Thanks!!


Re: Can UCCX integrate with any Middleware??

If you can code in Java you can integrate with almost anything. If you have a set of APIs in a JAR file, you can upload this into the Document Management system and access the objects (the classes) through the Expression Editor.



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Re: Can UCCX integrate with any Middleware??

Thanks Geoff, What kind of API's are those? and what is the effort required to make em, i am no-voice in java development. If at all i have to ask someone, i should have all the information. So wondering if you know more in details about it or some document i can refer to for such kind of scenarios?

Thanks again!!


Re: Can UCCX integrate with any Middleware??

You need to have a Java developer who can build a set of classes that talk to the Web service. Typically you are sending an XML document as an HTTP POST and getting back an XML document which has to be parsed, setting values in Java objects that can be used in your IVR application. As you can guess, this is non-trivial - when I do this I use the Java Web Services utilities provided by Sun. I like JAXB (Java to XML binding) but there are many approaches. This is a well-trodden path these days.

All I am saying is that if this set of APIs is developed, CRS can be integrated to call these APIs through the CRS Editor, and the way you do this is through the Expression Editor. The Expression Editor Guide explains how arbitrary Java classes can be used by CRS applications.



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Re: Can UCCX integrate with any Middleware??

Hi there,

I am stuck in the same situation as yours.

I was able to program a small application to work directly with MQ. But didn't have any luck to integrate it with UCCX. I guess the class path of UCCX is different than the one in windows, thats why i keep on getting the error stating that no ClassDefFound.

Were you able to get it done?

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Daljeet,

Hello Daljeet,

I know this is a bit late, but for further queries on the topic:

We have done a prototype to integrate Cisco UCCX/ UCCE with Temenos Corebanking and rendered customer info in a Finesse gadget. Temenos' own UI is pretty basic, so we extracted information that were useful for a client of ours:

See also

We presented it live at the Temenos Innovation Jam in London in April 2016 -



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