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Capture caller input to be displayed in CAD

I have an IVR that I built on UCCX 9.x that is an account inquiry script (i.e. look up balance, last payment date, next payment due..etc..).  The agents would like the account number that the caller inputs to be placed on CAD should the customer wind up with an agent.  I know that it can be done, and I should look it up but I really don't have time.  I'm sure it is simple so I thought I would ask here.


Thanks in advance..

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No, it's not simple. If the

No, it's not simple. If the agent wants that information, the caller is going to have to enter their account number on the phone and you'll have to add steps to do a db dip into your company database which has the specified account info. You're going to have to use XML and web services to do so.

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Actually they do already

Actually they do already enter their account number in the IVR script, I just needed that number to show up on the CAD should the user zero out.  What I did was use the "Set Enterprise Call Info" step to map that account number variable to an enterprise variable in CAD that I called Account Number and bingo the number showed up on CAD.

So it looks like I have it doing what I want it to do, thanks for the reply.


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