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CCM 4.3 and IPCCX6.0 server ip address change

In our setup we are going to install CCM 4.3 with IPCCX 6.0.Once this environment is setup, after couple of months we need to do the ip migration and hence need to change the ip address of all servers.

Can somebosy help to tell for the above setup:

Do we need to hold our setup and wait for the ip migration to be over.


We can go aheadas it is possible to change to change CCM 4.3 and IPCCX 6.0 server ip addresses.

2.If yes can somebody tell me the procedure/url to change the ip addresses.


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Re: CCM 4.3 and IPCCX6.0 server ip address change

I have managed to change IP address on our CCM 4.3 server. We have one single CCM server..

I have tried to do as listed in the document mentioned.

The basic Callmanger seems to work OK, but I don't think I have done all the necesary changes..

Problem 1:

Change the IP address in the hoteling profile in the DC                     Directory on your CallManager server. Choose Start >                     Programs > DC Directory Administration.                     Click System Profile

I only have a Default Profile and I am not able to find any Hoteling Parameter.

Problem 2:

Open SQL Enterprise Manager and change the IP addresses in the                     URLs in the PlugIn table.

I am not able to find any Plugin table.

Any help would be appriciated!



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Re: CCM 4.3 and IPCCX6.0 server ip address change

It's perfectly feasible to change IP addresses later on, but not hostnames. Even so I find it a real pain sometimes if you have a large complex network ensuring you don't miss anything on the system itself or remote DHCP/DNS/ACL/CAD changes etc etc.

It really depends on the requirements of your IP migration, but why not just configure them with the new IP addresses from the start? You could either setup secondary subnets or vlans with the new addresses, or if the servers are migrating to a new site, use LAM temporarily.

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