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CCM and SIP gateways: Error code when "Out of bandwidth"

Dear all,

We have the following configuration:

UCCM [6.0.1] --- 2821 [12.4(11)XW2] --- MPLS --- 2821 --- PSTN

It's a cluster of 2 UCCM with two 2821 working as gateways in a single site. The other two 2821 gateways are in the service provider site and connected via MPLS.

The UCCM have two SIP Trunk configured to the first two gateways, and these gateways use SIP to communicate with service provider's ones. Calls to and from PSTN are send and receive from all gateways in load balancing schema.

There is a strange behaviour in some calls. When someone calls via PSTN to a IP phone on the customer site, and the location assigned to that IP phone has reached its bandwidth limit, publisher CCM always sends SIP Status code 503 (Service Unavailable) to the 2821 (in customer site) that has send the SIP INVITE message. However, subscriber CCM always responses SIP Status code 404 Not Found to one 2821 and 503 code to the other one. This means that caller listen the message “This number doesn't exist” in some situations.

The clusterwide parameter “Out of Bandwidth Cause Code Substitution” has the value 34.

Does anyone know about the source of this problem?

Thanks in advance for your assistance

/Amaia & Ekaitz


Re: CCM and SIP gateways: Error code when "Out of bandwidth"

You are on the wrong forum my friends. Head on over to IP Telephony.



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Re: CCM and SIP gateways: Error code when "Out of bandwidth"

OK, thanks.


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