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CCX 10: Desktop Recording is silent, Monitoring works fine

Hello all,

Sorry to post up another discussion for this topic, but none of the solutions I've searched/tried have worked.

Testing out CAD/CSD for new deployment and have found that silent monitoring is fine, I can hear agent conversation, but when I record the conversation and play it back, it is silent.

The test phones are old 7960.


1) disable advertise g.722

2) there is no Span to PC Port option on the 7960 (but perhaps it doesn't need that option to begin with)

3) made sure that the agent has desktop recording enabled etc.


PC1 is the supervisor

PC2 is agent - Atheros ar8151 Network card


I did a quick wireshark on PC2 and checked the capture under the following conditions (ports look correct according the port utilz guide for CCX)

1)when talking: Can see RTP between PhoneA and PhoneB IP addresses

2) when monitoring: Can see UDP between PC1 and PC2 on port 59012 and 59010 which looks correct (and the fact that it works)

3) when recording: Can see UDP between PC2 and CCX server on port 3500 and 3501


When I do the Play and Save of the file - the size is 537kb for a 34sec sample and played in Media player is still silent.


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I had the same issue with

I had the same issue with UCCX 9.0(2), CCM 9.1(2), 7940 phones, Dell Vostro PCs. Did not disable the 'advertise G.722' since these phones don't support G.722.

The recorded conversations had been silent until I enabled the UDP 3500-3700 on my firewall per the Port utilization guide. Your post pointed me out to the right direction to check the firewall. Thanks.


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