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CCX 5.0.2 1Kb recorded files

Hello All,

I'm having problems with CCX recording.

I have configured a 7911 phone with a PC with CAD daisy chained to the phone.

Phone has Span to PC Port configured.

Codec used is G711u.

I see with wireshark the RTP packets on the PC, but do not know how to decode to ".wav".

I use the same VLAN for voice and data, that is, no voice vlan used, then I do not have to apply any workaround to the config.

I am using Intel PRO/1000MT adapter, and in the documentation seems all Intel PRO/1000 are supported.

Also in postinstall.exe the proper card is configured.

The sympton I see is that in the server all audio files "*.raw" are 1 Kb length.

Any help?


Re: CCX 5.0.2 1Kb recorded files

I will guess that the codec is actually G722.

Can you confirm that you know the codec is G711 from looking at the audio stream and not from the device pool/region configuration?

If you have not done so, I would double tap the ? button on the phone (if a 7911G has one) or browse to the phone IP address and look at the stream details. This will confirm, not the configured codec, but the actual codec in use.

Anthony Holloway

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Re: CCX 5.0.2 1Kb recorded files


Thanks for your answer.

I did not mention in the first message, but I am using already G711. I changed Call Manager to G722 disabled, and also double clicked "?" in the 7970 phone making the calls to see G711u was being used. I took a wireshark trace in the CAD and it decodes RTP packets as G711u, then I think it is working. Unfortunatly, wireshark is not able to detect and VoIP Call in the SCCP call, and then can not save the RTP packets as .wav file to be fully sure it is the correct flow.

Thanks for your help, but I'm afraid it is not the problem.

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