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Cisco Employee

CCX 7 Prompt Manager Sync Issue

I uploaded two .wav files via the /appadmin page. The .wav files appear in the Prompt list on /appadmin and I can play them from the /appadmin page.

However, when I call the .aef that references the .wav files, they do not play. Reactive debug does not indicate any issue with the script or naming conventions. The .wav files are in the correct format.

Logs indicate some sort of synchronization issue with Prompt Manager. When I look in the file directory \\ivr-ams-071\c$\Program Files\wfavvid\Prompts\user\en_US the .wav files are not there which I presume is the synchronization issue. How do I synchronize between file directory and /appadmin so that these .wav files will play?

Here is a snapshot of the log files:

360338: Oct 18 22:35:04.231 CEST %MIVR-FILE_MGR-3-SYNC_CANNOT_INITIALIZE_LOCAL_STORE:THREAD:MIVR_FILE_MGR_TYPE_USERPROMPT-29-0-FileTypeSyncThread:Unable to initialize local disk info when performing Repository Sync: Class=class,Exception=java.lang.NullPointerException

360339: Oct 18 22:35:04.231 CEST %MIVR-FILE_MGR-3-EXCEPTION:THREAD:MIVR_FILE_MGR_TYPE_USERPROMPT-29-0-FileTypeSyncThread:java.lang.NullPointerException

360340: Oct 18 22:35:04.231 CEST %MIVR-PROMPT_MGR-6-MGR_IN_SERVICE:Prompt Manager in service:

360341: Oct 18 22:35:04.231 CEST %MIVR-MGR_MGR-6-MGR_IN_SERVICE:Manager Manager in service:

360342: Oct 18 22:35:04.231 CEST %MIVR-FILE_MGR-4-SYNC_INVALID_STATE:THREAD:MIVR_FILE_MGR_TYPE_USERPROMPT-29-0-FileTypeSyncThread:Synchronization detected invalid state: Class=class,Reason=:FULL_SYNCH:Failed:cannot intialize local store2010-10-18 22:35:04.215

360343: Oct 18 22:35:04.715 CEST %MIVR-CLUSTER_MGR-7-UNK:send: Cmd[ServiceStateChangedCmdImpl[4]={0:ServiceStateUpdate=[topLevel=CRS Engine,svc=Prompt Manager/Manager,state=PARTIAL_SERVICE], 1:ServiceStateUpdate=[topLevel=CRS Engine,svc=Manager Manager/Manager,state=PARTIAL_SERVICE], 2:ServiceStateUpdate=[topLevel=CRS Engine,svc=Prompt Manager/Manager,state=IN_SERVICE], 3:ServiceStateUpdate=[topLevel=CRS Engine,svc=Manager Manager/Manager,state=IN_SERVICE]},nodeId=1,seq#=13097]

Thanks in advance!

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Cisco Employee

Re: CCX 7 Prompt Manager Sync Issue


Have you refreshed the script and application after uploading the wav files from the prompt manager ?



Cisco Employee

Re: CCX 7 Prompt Manager Sync Issue

Hi Anuj,

Yes, I did refresh both after uploading.



Cisco Employee

Re: CCX 7 Prompt Manager Sync Issue

I came accross this problem once and it turned out to be a issue with the hard disk (bad/corrupt sectors). The prompt manager succefully uploaded the prompts but when we saw the folder no files were present.

If we manually tried to copy the file it stated the file already exist and it gave a corrupt file error. Try copying the file manually to that folder and check if you see the same issue

Hope this helps


Cisco Employee

Re: CCX 7 Prompt Manager Sync Issue

I was able to copy the .wav files into the file directory with no error and the .wav files play correctly. I still see the sync errors in the logs, though. My concern is that if the IVRs are restarted, the .wav files will be lost because they are not truly in the repository. Perhaps it is time for a TAC case.

Anuj, thank you for your responses.


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