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CCX 9.0(2)SU1, DB GET step


I have CCX 9.0(2) SU1 and I want to get parameters out of a SQL DB based on the ANI number.

On the CCX web page I configured the database.  The 'Test Connection' result is 'Test Connection Successful'

Then I started my script with the DB READ step.

My query is:

SELECT CompanyName, GroupName, PersonName, PhoneNumber FROM [TrustCCX01_PhoneNumbers].[dbo].[PhoneNumbers] WHERE PhoneNumber = $ANI

DB Read with SQL Query.JPG

When I fill in a correct ANI that exist in the database, I get the numbers of rows that contain the ANI (variable)

Then I try to configure the DB GET step.  But here I cannot select the 'Enter the Field (Column) Name.  It should show the different Column names, so that I can assign the data to variables, but it does not show anything.

DB Get no option to select in Enter the Field(Column) Name.JPG

How can I proceed?

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