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CCX database access problem

Hi all.

The problem occurs when CRS script tries to access remote database.

CRS Configuration seems OK. I have configured system DSN and database subsystem CRS, thus, when I use dbRead step in CRS editor, it recognizes database schema and pulls data with test command (which tells me that database configuration and credentials are OK and that query command is valid).

But database access doesn't work when script is triggered automatically. What I've figured so far that statistics displayed through CRS's Real Time Reporting Tool, datasource has 0 available connections. That values is always 0, regardless which value I define under subsystem-database. That indicates that on system level CRS “thinks” that there are not available system resources to access database, while disabling all communication towards it.

Platform is CRS 5.0(2)SR01_Build053 with CCX premium licenses.

If anyone has an idea how to solve this problem, I'll be extremely grateful.

Thanks in advance,



Re: CCX database access problem

Make sure any other DBReads are released and/or bump up your connections, those could be locking your resources, which are not locked when you push the test button.

What database are you using?


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Re: CCX database access problem

Hi Blair, thanks for your help.

There are no other DBreads.

Interesting thing is that yesterday I tried to test very same script and database with older CRS version (4.0(3)_Build080). Everything works fine and available resources value shown by RTMT is correlated with “Maximum number of connections” in idle state (i.e. when there is no active db sessions) as supposed to.

Database I'm using now is MySQL 5.0.51b, but I had same problem with MS SQL.

Thanks again,



Re: CCX database access problem


Lets turn on all the DB tracing tracing and see what error MySQL is returning into the logs, make sure you expand the tracing to include all 7 levels for the DB subsystem,

Do you have any MySql DBA tools/Access to see what the CCX ODBC ID is getting, are you the DBA for MySQL install? or do you have other DBA personel... lets check to see what the Database is doing as well when the script runs and your Test DB Get.

Another idea, build a very simple script using only a begin/end and your DB Read and DB Get(no media or accept call steps), this way we can trouble shot this with Active Debug.

let me know how it goes


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