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CCX Express R8.5 forwarding call to movil phone

Hello I'm new with CCX, but I had some experience working with another Call Center products from Alcatel-lucent. On those plattforms I could forward all the call that are incoming to the contac center to external numbers, ofr example movil phones or another landline. How could achive this on Cisco CCX, I had been reeading some posts that mentioned to work on the script and forward the calls to a hunt pilot o just the external number, as I told before I'm new working with cisco ccx scripts how could I do that?

Is there any way to made a call diversion so the agent could manage when the call it's going to be forwarder to the movil phone?

Any help would be very gratefull.


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CCX Express R8.5 forwarding call to movil phone

Hi Luis

Yes, you can.

Basically to send a call to anywhere that is not an agent, you would use a 'call redirect' step with the target set to the full number including any necessary dial prefix (e.g. 9). You must also ensure that the CTI Ports of the UCCX server have an appropriate CSS in CUCM to permit this.

With regard to agents changing this divert, you would need to store the divert number as a parameter in an XML file, or store a parameter that tells the system whether to forward or not. This would be read with a 'get XML data' step. It would be written by using an XML template, an XML TRansform step, and an 'Upload Document' step. If you search this forum for these terms you will get lots of hits...



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CCX Express R8.5 forwarding call to movil phone

Hi aaronharrison

thanks for you answer, I get the idea, but as I said I'm pretty new with ccx scripting, I tired to put a "call redidect step" on a script but I could set the full number, maybe if you use the basic icd script thats come with CCX and if you have the time could paste here some exampler of configuration, I really would be very gratefull to you, meanwhile I keep it triying and reading the documentations.


Luis F. Martinez

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