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CCX Historical and RT data writing times


I've been trying to find this on but could not find an explicit statement.

When quering db_cra seems all tables not starting by rt are historical. Historical data seems to have 2 hours delay from the queries results at least for ContactQueueDetail and ContactCallDetail.

Is it correct to assume that historical tables are written 2 hours after the contacts have been completed or am I missing something? Is this at all configurable? We are trying to get SLA and total calls in real-time for our custom wallboard.

The writing interval for Real-Time seems configurable from real time snapshot config and set to default 30 seconds. what would be the impact for a small call center of getting this value lower and what would be the number we should not to go under?

Many thanks


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CCX Historical and RT data writing times


According to TAC, the RT tables are guaranteed to be written at the specified interval. The other tables have no guarantees. In my experience those tables are typically seconds behind, but I have seen occasions where it takes much longer, and TAC won't help as it's 'as designed'.

Sometimes a restart brings it back into line - have you tried this?


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CCX Historical and RT data writing times

My bad Aaron, Server is synch to an NTP in UTC and as I was doing queries straight to the server hence getting UTC times rather than my local GMT + 2. Reports in CUIC showed the right times and then I confirmed I could see the same call on both reports.

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