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CCX Script send HTTPS request and get respnse


I have a script that will ask the client for 2 pieces of information which I need to take and send to a https server and get a response from the server that it was accepted or not accepted

Basically I get an account number and have the client agree to a statement.  Based on those 2 variables I need to send to a https webpage and get a response of accepted, or not accepted.  I can capture the account number and yes or no to the agreement in variable and also set the URL to the correct location, but not really sure how to trigger it to go to the webpage.

Once I get the response I can route the call to the correct agent or prompt.

I am having an issue getting the request to be sent to the HTTPS server, and I am not sure how to correctly do this, and to get the response and continue the script based on the response from the server.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Hi,it's relatively easy but


it's relatively easy but there are some gotchas.

Let's discuss the easy part first: you can use the Create URL Document step, specifying the URL of the remote resource - in your case, this would be the URL of the resource you are referring to as the HTTPS server; and naturally, a variable of type Document - this is just a reference to the document got by issuing the HTTP request. Remember, this step does not actually issue the HTTP request itself, the subsequent step, referencing the document variable yielded by the Create URL Document step. This may be a Cache Document step or anything else (for instance, the Get XML Data step). For example:

Things you should know before you start implementing this:

- the S part in HTTPS may be a problem - if the certificate presented by the server is not trusted. You can upload the server certificate onto UCCX if you have UCCX 10, if not, contact TAC and they will help you uploading it,

- whether the type of the request is POST or GET (UCCX supports both of them but you will have to specify which one you would like to use),

- the document returned by the server - is it XML? Or just plaintext? Or plain HTML? For UCCX, it's just a stream of bytes, you will have to do something in order to interpret it.


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it is just a plain html

it is just a plain html response.

I am trying to get what you have listed with the create url document and seeing if I can get that to work.  I am having some issues getting the step entered correctly.

Is there a debug that can be run to see if the request is being made from the script.

Well HTML might work too, but

Well HTML might work too, but may require additional programming.

Anyway, can you tell me what sort of issues you are facing entering the step correctly?

About the debug part: yes, you can do that, right in the CCX Editor. What I would recommend you to do is create a script fragment for a specific task, test it thoroughly. Later on, you can use such fragments to build a solution.


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I seem to be getting the

I seem to be getting the create url and xml steps fine but I am having an issue with the get xml step.  Is this when the request is actually be sent to the url and getting the response.

I am not sure if it is a certificate issue with https or I have a problem with the step.

attached is the error.

thanks in advance for your help.

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