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CCX transfer to Hunt List/Line Group

We have a few Hunt Lists. The problem as you know is that you get ringback and not hold music. We do own CCX 7.01. Is there a way I can create a script in CCX to place the call on hold and pass it off to the hunt Pilot? We do not (yet) use Contact Center Agents, although we do own some Premium seats. We are using Call Manager 7.01.

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Re: CCX transfer to Hunt List/Line Group


It's certainly possible to send calls to hunt groups front-ended by a UCCX script. It can get messy for all but the simplest setups, and due to the lack of reporting and proper queueing it's really not suited to anything more than a few 'agents' with low call volumes.

You would want to do a 'Call Consult Transfer' to the hunt pilot, this effectively puts the caller on hold and extends a transfer leg to the hunt group. As soon as someone (or something, e.g. voicemail) picks up, the transfer completes.

It does work, but you are restricted in the type of things you can do with the call while the transfer is attempting. As soon as you hit the Consult step, the script stops, so you can't play out prompts to the caller while they are ringing around the hunt group.

You would need to set the timeout on the Consult step to a suitably long value, and ensure your hunt timeout is long enough to let it ring round as long as it needs to.

You have to be careful about things like pulling the call back from the Consult step (i.e. letting it ring the group for 15 seconds, and then doing a 'sorry to keep you waiting' Prompt step, and then retrying the Consult) as when you do this you screw up the queue order if there are multiple callers. You probably aren't guaranteed that callers will be answered in order anyway...

Finally bear in mind that you will not be able to get any meaningful reports on  queue stats, call answer times and so on, or any reports related to agents...



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Re: CCX transfer to Hunt List/Line Group

Great answer, Aaron.

Hunt groups certainly don't mix well with either contact center product. If you have the licences and can encourage these users to become agents and manage their availability, everyone will be better off, particularly the callers.



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Re: CCX transfer to Hunt List/Line Group

Thanks all for th egreat information. I'll give it a shot. Making them all CCX agents really isn't cost effective for us. The hunt works great, we'd just prefer to have the caller hear MOH instead of ringback.

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