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CCX5.0(2) record automatically calls to/from PSTN

I have the VoIP monitor and recording working , we finally hear the calls , but we have severals concerns:

1) We want to record automatically calls to/from PSTN using only the IPPA , this can be done?

2) When we use the IP Phone Agent (IPPA) in Cisco 7911G , the IP Phone Screen maintain the Layout after a call or call attempt; it should go to normal display. In the other Phones we have (7941G) , it goes directly to normal.

3) Recording of calls between extensions of the CCME sound bad (robotic , with gaps), but recordings of calls from/to the PSTN sound fine.

4) How can we convert automatically the .raw files to .wav files?

Thank you for any help.


Re: CCX5.0(2) record automatically calls to/from PSTN

Agent call recording can be triggered in the following ways:

Supervisor clicks record button on Cisco Supervisor Desktop (CSD) for a specified agent call

Agent clicks record button on Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD) or IP Phone

Agent (IPPA)

Workflow configuration automatically triggers complete call recording on certain types of calls for agents using CAD.

IP Phone Agent (IPPA) does not include an agent using CAD, IPPA requires a SPAN port Monitor component on the local VLAN segment for silent monitoring or recording. IPPA also cannot be configured to have calls automatically recorded.

Recordings made by supervisors are archived as raw voice data packets; they can only be reviewed using the Supervisor Record Viewer. However, if you wish to permanently save selected recordings as .wav files, you can use either of two methods:

Using the “Play and Save” button in Supervisor Record Viewer and saving the recording to a selected folder

Using the Unified CCX raw2wav.exe command line utility

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