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CCX5 prompt and ringing on the same time

Hello my name is Mathiew, I'm French, I am new on CCX environnement...

I'm trying to configure a script on CCX ,

here is context:

A caller dial a SDA number of the corporation , there are not ringing tone but a welcome prompt, and on the same time, the system calling an hunt group and when an operator (of this hunt group) takes the line, the Welcome prompt is interrupted and the communication with the caller and operator is established.

I do not know if it is possible

thank you for your help...


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Re: CCX5 prompt and ringing on the same time

You cannot do this with a UCM hunt group. CCX cannot play media to the caller after you invoke a Call Redirect or Call Consult Transfer.

You can do this if you configure the target users as contact center agents and use a Select Resource step. If none of the agents are available [ready] to take a call, you can play a welcome prompt or other actions that is interrupted if an agent becomes available. There are two noteworthy caveats to this:

1) You can only offer a call to one contact center user at a time. This would be analogous to a Longest Idle hunt group model.

2) There is a second branch that you will see on this step: Connected. Note that when an agent's phone is ringing, the caller is not in the queued branch of the step. The caller is hearing Network MoH.

This means in practice you will want to put the welcome message before whatever else you want to do with the call and let it complete.

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Re: CCX5 prompt and ringing on the same time


thank you for answer,

my request is difficult I would like when a call arrived, always connected to a prompt (no ringing) even if the operators are available...

must the agent inevitably be installed?

is not it possible to have a state change(barge-in) without agent?

thank you

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Re: CCX5 prompt and ringing on the same time

It sounds like you have changed the description of what you need. If you want the caller to always hear the prompt, just place it prior to the Select Resource step. It will play that prompt prior to attempting an agent.

The agent software must be used if you want to use the CSQ functionality of CCX. Depending on your license this means IPPA and/or CAD. If you transfer the call to a UCM Hunt Group, you just negated most of the reason to buy CCX and could have saved yourself money by getting IP IVR.

I don't understand your state change question.

Re: CCX5 prompt and ringing on the same time


Please consider reviewing the CRS scripting guide.

Jonathan has pointed out good however I am unable to understand what exactly are you trying to achieve.

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express

Editor Step Reference Guide,

Release 7.0(1)



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