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CCX8.0 integrating with an external sql DB


is there any doc shows how we can create DSN to connect the CCX8.0 with an external customer SQL DB,



Cisco Employee

Re: CCX8.0 integrating with an external sql DB


You will have to load the Unix/Linux JDBC driver appropriate for your external database (Oracle, SQL, DB2, Sybase etc.). Once you upload the driver as a .jar file, you will select the class from within the .jar file that runs the driver. This will be replicated over to the second UCCX node automatically so it will not require any manual work on the second node like previous version of UCCX.

For example, I have a connection from UCCX 8 to a MSSQL 2005 database. I have downloaded


from Sourceforge and uploaded it to AppAdmin. I can then define a Datasource to use this drive and also define the JDBC URL as:


After this, I can then use this Datasource in the Editor as normal.JDBC URLs may be different for different types of servers, so you may just have to look up which one to use for your type of Enterprise Database.

This is explained in the UCCX Admin Guide for 8.0.

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Re: CCX8.0 integrating with an external sql DB

Hi there,

basically we have an query of client that for outbound preview dialing we will provide an dynamic list to dialer in UCCX 8.0 .SO for that as a first step i need to have an database access which is Informix in UCCX 8.0 so how can i create a trust relation ship so i can view all the tables of my UCCX 8.0 for making reports and other thing .Please let me know the procedure or if you can provide any screen shots it will be easy to understand.Also in you reply kindly cc me on i will be thank full

Thanks .

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CCX8.0 integrating with an external sql DB

Nice doc outlining the integration between UCCX 8 and SQL 2005. I recently performed an upgrade from UCCX 7.0(1)SR5 to 8.0(2), and got the SQL integration up and running in under five minutes.

Thanks much!

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