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CCX8 File Issues


I have used a variety of scripts from the script repository in the past but am running into a variety of issues with these scripts (and others) that access local files.  I really can't find any suggestions for how to modify these scripts to work with the latest version, any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


- Record10Prompts.aef - a simple script to record 10 Prompts through a phone interface, then you can rename them, move them where you want and create prompts from them.  This script does not work at all because the files can't be created, or edited afterwards.  Is there any way to have similar functionality now in 8?

- voicemail.aef - This script works for queuing voicemails.  Done by saving the file to a wav file in a directory (default is C:\Program Files\wfavvid\Documents\user\en_US\Voicemails which doesn't exist any more).  I don't believe this will work under the new 8.0 version.

- holidaycheck.aef - I managed to get the holidaycheck script to work by placing the file in document management but it doesn't appear the holiday script to change the holidays in the XML script will work.  Has anyone had luck with writing to docs in the repository.

- emergency.aef - A script to allow a check of a basic XML file that is edited by someone dialing in, and setting whether a condition is present that should change the call routing.  Uses a template XML file, and creates a new file with a boolean condition.  I don't believe this script will work at all on the new version.

Also, I am still trying to understand where docs should be kept on the system.  Should they be in the document management, or in the repository.  Also, what ways can someone access files (or manually add files) to the repository? Is it available through secure FTP or something similar.

Thanks again for your help.


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Re: CCX8 File Issues


A lot of those scripts are pretty bad examples to be honest - it's not been appropriate to write things to disk for a long time (in 90% of situations at least). You write something to c:\program files\wfavvid\ (i.e. a very important XML file or prompt) and it will sit there for a random amount of time until it gets overwritten by a repository refresh or when you apply an upgrade.

Basically the 'Repository' is the name for the DB that stores all the stuff you see in Script Mgmt, Prompt Mgmt, Doc Mgmt etc.

So if you want to save a prompt to the system, use an 'Upload Prompt' step. This uploads to Prompt Mgmt, or the repository if you prefer to call it that.

Same for documents - use Upload Document

Before you can do an 'upload' step, you need to do a 'get user' step to assign a user object to a user variable, then 'authenticate user' step to auth the user. Then you can upload...

When playing stuff back, it's referred to as a language (i.e. en_GB, en_US, that maps to the folder in prompt management or wherever) and then a relative folder/file name from there...

CCX8.0 is much different, but it forces you to do things the way they should be done (at least to a degree).


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