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changing script boolean variable's value without access to Web Interface.

For our call center script, we have a few boolean type variables which are defined as "parameters". We typically change the values of these via the CRA Administration web interface. I would like to be able to change these by dialing in from an external phone (via cell phone, home phone, etc.) to change these values (via DTMF codes??) These variables indicate whether we are open or closed... and thus determine whether or not to put callers in queue, but instead play a "unexpected closed" message. Think "snow day", "inclement weather", "network outage". The person who needs to close the call center (by changing these parameter variable values from false/true) doesn't always have access to internet & vpn in order to bring up the CRA Administration web interface to check the box for the parameter. Any ideas?

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Re: changing script boolean variable's value without access to W

Besy soltuion for you would be open the call center if the agents are logged in and if they are not do not open the script.

To change a bolen varibale at the beginning of the script identify the ANI and if it some thing which is in the list then allow then press 1 to put the bolen value to 1 & 0 to put it to 0.

that way only authorized people will be able to change it

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