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New Member

Changing Service Level for a Call Type


we have a new call centre that went live in December of 2011, and now we're just finding out that their SLA or Service Level Agreement was supposed to be 70% of calls answered within 30 seconds, but we defaulted all of their ICM Call Types to have a 20 second Service Level.

We need to update those Call Type SL values from 20 to 30, but we want to know if that will change any of the data that we see if we re-run some of the Cisco WebView reports, namely the calltype22 report which reports on Service Level.

That report also shows the 'Aban Within Service Level' or number of tasks of the call type abandoned within the service level threshold which is derived from Call_Type_Half_Hour.ServiceLevelCallsOfferedHalf.

That data has already been calculated and saved using the previous SL value of 20, so even by changing it to 30 now and re-running that report for older data, it won't chagne the numbers, correct?

We are currently running UCCE 7.5(10)


Joe Mattia


Changing Service Level for a Call Type


yes, that's correct. Even if you change the Service Level interval from 20 to 30 on your CallTypes, it won't change too much in the data that has already been aggregated (grouped), ie you can't alter history.

What I would do is just export all rows from the Termination_Call_Detail table (if available at all for that period), filter CallTypes I want to check and then split the result into two tables: one table will hold the calls abandoned within the IVR , and the second table will contain the calls answered by agents (you can filter them by PeripheralID and CallDisposition).

And then just take a look at the Duration and the NetQTime values.

I know it's sort of a poor man's way of doing things but this is the only thing I could think of in this situation.


New Member

Changing Service Level for a Call Type

Thank-you Gergely, that's what I figured, but I wanted to confirm.

I will be increasing the call type SLs for that call centre to 30 today, and I'll let them know that if they need to determine the correct historical SL data for their call types, that they can access this TCD information and manually review the Durations on those calls (we just so happen to be saving that TCD table nightly to an Excel file so they can view that exported file at their leisure).

Thanks again for the quick reply to this question.



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