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Check for available agents in another queue?

Is it possible for a script to check for available agents in another queue, without removing them from the current queue, if someone has been waiting for 5 minutes or more?

I'm guessing you can but I'm not sure how to configure it. Anything to point me in the right direction would be appreciated.



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Re: Check for available agents in another queue?


Attached is a screenshot of a script I designed that does most of what you are looking for. You will need to view the attachment while following the steps below.

-My if statement above the label, "Queueselect" checks to see if anyone is signed onto the skillsets listed, if someone is, it continues.

-Select resource automatically goes to a L1 queue first, then L2 and then a Supervisor. If all are unable to answer it increments the call loop. Notice that I am now queued in all 3 CSQ's.

-It then plays a prompt to the user (If Spanish1..) telling them that all agents are busy...

-Places the call on hold (for music on hold)

-Sets a delay for 30 seconds

-Removes from hold and loops back to Queueselect.

To satisfy your requirement, in the true portion of the, "if (CallLoop > 7) Then statement...

Add another select resource group for the queue you wish to add and make sure you modify your callLoop count to add up to 5 minutes.

Please let me know if this helps. Remember to rate helpful posts.

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Re: Check for available agents in another queue?

That's pretty slick. I'll have to play around with this. Thanks for the update!


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