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checking agent status from ICM script


I need to check the status of an agent (logged in or not) from an ICM script.

The caller is presented with the option to enter an extension (agent line) and before the caller is transferred to the agent I would like to be able to check and see if that agent is logged in and play different prompts depending on the agents status.

Any help would be appreciated.




Re: checking agent status from ICM script

In IPCC Enterprise you can do it like this:

place an IF Node with the following condition:

(SkillGroup.YouRSkillgroup.LoggedOn)==0, if no queue to Skillgroup(go to Agent)..etc.

You need to add each agent you want to a separate skillgroup, as in IPCC Enterprise you can only do this with SKILLGROUP selection.


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Re: checking agent status from ICM script


I think that you can after your ICM script but before transfering call to the SkillGroup must write same with attachment picture. Criteria IF control agent status if LoggedOn then play prompt statusLoggedOn.wav or no prompt sorry.wav and release call.

IF -> PeripheralMRD.namefromyourIVRserver\Cisco_Voice.AgentsLoggedOn



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Re: checking agent status from ICM script

What Release of ICM are you referring to?

What type of IVR or VRU are you working with?

One way of doing it, would be to create a skillgroup per agent. Have the Caller input or speak the Agent's ID, set up a DB Table with the AgentID-to-skillgroup relationships and do a DBlookup based on the AgentID entered by the caller, store the value of the skillgroup name associated with the AgentID in an ECC Variable, then do an IF Node where the statement is IF SkillGroup.AgentsSkillgroup.LoggedOn=0, IF TRUE, send the call to a default treatment, IF FALSE, use a DISTRIBUTE node to read the skillgroup state (remember that skillgroup belongs exclusively to that specific agent and you may be able to indirectly read the Agent's current state based on the skillgroup's state) play the appropriate prompts/messages based on the skillgroup's state (which is directly related to the Agent's state)... you follow my point here???

There may be other ways to read the agent's current state using one of the nodes in ICM. I will look into it a little further and see what I can come up with and let you know.


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