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CIM Email aliass


We have a requirement tht customer requires emails to be counted differently like the emails from internal users can be counted at the end of the day and the emails from the customer can also be counted in a report

so Companies Internal Emails  can auto categorize/classify them as COMPANY_INTERNAL based on the sender address. So in the reports total emails will be counted as COMPANY_INTERNAL + other categories. Please let me know how this can be achieved.

I am very new to CIM and have been only handling UCCE so please update in detail how can we achieve it.



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CIM Email aliass

It's easy to define and listen to the two email aliases and put them in the Start node of your workflow, then use an IF (Branch) node to send each to a different EIM "queue". The "queue" is integrated to an ICM script selector, which you can test in your ICM script and set a different Call Type. An ICM report (CUIC) can at least give you counts on the two different email aliases.



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CIM Email aliass

If your requirement is for tracking and classification, you can easily achieve this by creating the classifications from the admin console, in the workflow based on the criteria auto classify the emails, you can then run reports or searches on this.

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CIM Email aliass

Hello Egain,

Thanks alot, now i am having some view how i can do it, but still need a small bit of clarification.

can u give me an example what to put in the classification node like i need some emails based on so how can put a rule for it.

Secondly, for all the other emails that are comming...

And also do i need some work flow as well, can you give me a sample workflow, will it be an inbound or outbound  and afterwards how will this be vissible in th reportings?

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CIM Email aliass

You can use the classification node in the inbound email workflow and based on domain if it matches the from email address create the classification and in the true node use that classification else if false use other. Again as your domain grows this may grow and may become to cumbersome, ex. if you have 100's or 1000's of different domains and you may be better of with a data adapter or custom rule approach but you would need some guidance or AS assistance on this.

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