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Circular distribution of inbound calls

I need to write a brief AA in CCX that will simply alternate calls to multiple DNs. Doesn't need to queue, no need to check for logged in resources, etc. The objective is to simply re-direct calls as they come in to DN1, then DN2, then DN1, then DN2, etc, etc. These DNs have their own call flows and conditions outside of CCX, so we just need to hand off the call in a circular fashion.

Does anybody have a suggestion, or has anybody done this?


Re: Circular distribution of inbound calls

Your best bet is to use a hunt group from the callmanager. Call arrives, sends it to the hunt group and done.



Re: Circular distribution of inbound calls

All members of the hunt group busy, caller gets dropped. ;-)



Re: Circular distribution of inbound calls

Why must you poke holes into my theory! The last extension in the hunt group is an DN to a RP which launches a new script. Then again I've never tried this, but if you care about the customer not getting dropped you might want to give it a spin.


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Re: Circular distribution of inbound calls

Thanks for the replies, we actually already tried that. The system is UCME based, not CCM. We made a UCME peer voice-hunt group which distrbibutes the calls to parallel voice-hunt groups the way we would like, however there must be a software issue within IOS. After a couple of rounds of cycling through, the phones involved in the groups lose the ability to make/receive calls and have to be reset from command line in order to start functioning again.

Of course, we can't have 40 phones plopping out of service all day long :->

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